About us

Fiber-Max, is a division of Maxi Satellite.

Maxi Satellite has been Importing specialised Electronic Equipment from suppliers located world-wide.

Prior to Maxi Importing these specialised high end products, all Products will be thoroughly evaluate and tested by Max the CEO, to insure that all our products meet with our high standards.

We also try to ensure that the full cooperation and service back-up from our factories

Max Shneier, the CEO of both FIBER-MAX & MAXI SATELLITE has over the years, stayed ahead of the curve by Enrolling in FIBER OPTIC Technician & Design Courses qualifying in both courses.

Fibre-Max and Maxi Satellite are a very much hands on team who adhere to the highest of standards in terms of customer support and quality equipment integration.

Fiber-Max is also acquiring a LEVEL 4 Multichoice/DSTV Certification for the use in Smart Villages, Multi Unit Dwellings. These are all Fiber related projects.

We are able to provide a comprehensive Design, Installation & full maintenance of all our fiber projects and products.


To find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Mission

Our vision is to be South Africa’ s forerunner in affordable Fiber Optic meters and related products

Building positive relationships with both the professional fiber companies & installers.

Offering excellence in our product at an economical price and  after- sales service.

Developing relationships characterised by integrity, mutual respect and a commitment to service of the highest quality and value.